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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Intention Relevance Quotient

I have created I.R.Q. as an evolution of the intelligence quotient. Standard I.Q. measurement does not address death or self respect in any way! That's reflective of how self-worth and intelligence had no connection until now. It's about the infinite physical preservation of life inclusive of our 6,000,000,000+ evolving geniuses. So the reference for what is intelligent is in comparing the current intention to intention that most preserves life..... [your intentions life saving relevance].

INTENTION===RELEVANCE===QUOTIENT is ultimately about infinite physical self preservation AS THE QUICKENING NEW PARADIGM for our species.... The [[REAL]] WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION!!! .....With all 6 billion+ people (rapidly) learning to immortalyze our species. Church and state had wisely been separated because no religion on Earth was immortalyzing the species and was, therefore, still in "sin" as deathing way. Some humans, sciencing internationally, have extended the human life span by 60%!!!. The Physical Immortality Project is designed to coordinatedly extend the human life span indefinitely by changing our beliefs and our intentions as an entire species.

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